Lost in The Mail

Lost in The Mail

Hey, it's your bun again, Bunny.

I wanted to write about my recent experiences. They involve feelings of fear, neglect, confusion and love. The adventure begins when Rachelle made her last trip home to Niagara Falls before leaving for British Columbia. I came with her, of course. This would also be my last time to see family for a while. This wasn't only family of the human type. I have lots of bunnies that I grew up with! See here:

Almost everybody is here, on the surface or buried, other than my mom. She's pink. I haven't seen her in a while. I suspect she is hiding somewhere. It is strange that she hasn't shown up for a while. Why is she my mom? Because she was the first bunny Rachelle got for Easter. I came during her second Easter, and ended up being her favorite.

Anyways, back to the story! When Rachelle left Niagara Falls to go back to London, she forgot me!!! She thought she double checked, but I was hanging out with the bun fam! Rachelle asked her mom to mail me home in a priority package. The next day, I was stuffed into an envelope. This was only supposed to last one day and I would be back with Rachelle. This was not the case.

Two or three days go by and I am stuck in limbo. Rachelle and her mom talked on the phone. They figured out that her mom must have miswritten the address. Canada Post would not allow Rachelle to help solve the problem even with the tracking number: you cannot change the address of a package after it has been mailed. It took an entire week for me to be delivered back to Rachelle's mom to be mailed once again.

The scariest part about all of this is that Rachelle was in the middle of moving out! I was being mailed to a street called Rectory the first time. I had to arrive within the week, or else she wouldn't be there anymore! By the time I got back to Niagara Falls, Rachelle had moved out. I had to be sent to her new address. This may seem simple to you, but I was going to be in trouble if I didn't arrive fast! Rachelle was supposed to move out of the old house and move out in an RV to move across the continent!!! Good thing for me that repairs were taking a long time. I was able to be mailed to the house she was staying at for the time being. The address was correct and I made it there fast, before she could get away!

This was a frightening experience. What if I never made it back? I could have been lost in the mail or forgotten about. Well my friends, it is a lot easier to make it home to your best friend when she is an adult. Some stuffed animals who are friends to young children never make it home. Nobody puts in enough effort to save them, and eventually the kid learns to move on. It is very sad. I am fortunate that Rachelle is crazy enough about me that I am able to make it through tough times like this! I know she will always be looking for me!