It’s dark.

I’m stuck.

I’ve been wedged in here for five months now and Rachelle hasn’t found me. I hear her call my name and dig through all of the blankets and pillows, sides of the beds. I could tell she only just started to realize that I haven’t been seen for a while. I miss her.

She’s been upset a lot lately. I wish I could give her a hug. My birthday is coming, Easter. I hope she finds me soon so we can celebrate.

A little over a year now. She continues trying to look for me occasionally. I can tell when she starts moving a bunch of stuff out from under the bed and checks all of the nooks. She always misses one.

No! Please find me Rachelle! You’ve been wanting to go to France for years. I have to come! Three months away from you?! You’re going to forget about me…

She must feel alone without me. I know she was excited to go, but she has always loved sharing adventures with me. I’ve heard about kids who think that their stuffed animal is lost forever and just choose to move on. I’m afraid she might start to think like that. She might think that it’s time to grow up and have to handle life alone.

It’s been long and lonely. I forget what it feels like to be held. I’ve been squished for so long. I even miss when the bed leg would wiggle and squish me harder just because that meant she was there.

I hear Rachelle’s mother planning for her to come back! She’ll have thought about me for so long that she’ll come running in and just know where I am! Or she might have changed and learned to move on…

I know that if I stay positive, then I will be more lucky. She has never wanted to grow up. I’m her best friend. Always have and always will be.

Rachelle is home! I feel like eternity has passed since I’ve heard her voice! I want to hug her so badly! “PLEASE FIND ME!!! I’M RIGHT OVER HERE!” I think as loud as I can.

-CHRUMPH- The bed and mattress creak beneath her weight. We are close again. She is exhausted and has no energy to look for me right away. I know you don’t know I’m here, but I can still be here for you. I’m listening.

Today’s the day. She will find me!

It’s been about two years now. About three months since she came back from France. Still, she never made a good enough effort to look for me. She’s not even trying to look for me today, but I will make my appearance! Rachelle and her mom are going to move furniture around. I’ll hop out!

The bed Rachelle sleeps on is getting pulled from the foot, and Rachelle goes behind to push. When she lifts the bed, I pop out, landing in the corner of the room. She gasps, tears appear in her eyes. She sees me. She was really beginning to believe that I was gone. I am so happy to see her face! I get picked up for the first time in two years and get the biggest hug in the world! I am reunited with my best friend! We will never be apart again!

Of course I’m mad at you for not taking me to France and not looking harder. What am I supposed to do, I’m stuffed! You’re supposed to keep track of me so that I can be there for you! I love you so much, I can’t be mad. You don’t deserve to feel guilty. At least not too much. I hope that this separation made our bond stronger.

It did. Rachelle has taken me on a couple of vacations. I even made the big one: university. All four years and she was proud to have me there. The year after that too, even when she was having hard times. Even so, one of the most destructive of animals chose to spare me in its ravagings. I think Rachelle has put so much love into me that now I am more real than I ever was.

Throughout everything, I stood by. I was always there. We are such good friends now that I wanted to share that with the world. I went online and started an Instagram account on my birthday, Easter. Rachelle and I just thought it would be fun to have a place to share our adventures. We tried using hashtags like “#happyeaster, #easterbunny, #rabbit, #peekaboo, #love” and things like that. I knew that I could find real rabbits’ profiles. People always post pictures of animals on the internet. This will help encourage Rachelle to get a pet rabbit, too! I stumbled upon a couple of stuffed animals’ profiles in the beginning. Suddenly, a whole new world opened up! There were so many stuffed animals on the internet! It seems that they like to go by “plushie” now, as some kind of formality, I suppose. Anyway, I could make some new friends! It has been so long since I, Bunny, have made a friend. Is it bad to make friends on the internet? I think it’s different for stuffed animals to find friends than online dating sites for humans. As a stuffed animal, I know that we get confined to our rooms, so we deserve access to the internet.

Everybody online is so nice! Even better, I am seeing that people of all ages are spending time with their beloved stuffed ones! I have a new source of joy in the world! My new journey begins here.