Who They Are:

London Reverb is a social enterprise dedicated to the local music scene. They do reviews, spotlights, interviews, and more to spread awareness of the unique music scene in London. They act as a network between musicians, as well as other local industry resources and support systems. Opening The Box collaborates with them in the production of podcasts and other content.

LDN_REVERB:"Our slogan, “Your Music Scene”, was chosen to give London and its music fans ownership of their amazing music scene. In turn, this fosters a community among those who contribute their music to the world and those who engage with it. "

How We Came Together:

After owner of London Reverb, Ryan Labrèche, came across some work by OTB, we realized we had the same goals: London Ontario has a lot of great talent in various underground music scenes, and there has to be a way to build awareness of this, get the bands more gigs, and have a place for people to go to find out about many great artists at once! There was no question of competition, since we knew that we had similar ideas, we decided to work side by side to achieve what we both want for the music scene.