Lapsang Alert

Lapsang Alert

The one word that I could use to describe the atmosphere is a hearth.

Sky Alert has been warming up to making a regular presence at the Tea Lounge. Third time’s a charm: it was the best outcome yet. Not only did familiar faces make a point to come by to see them play their tunes, newcomers also seemed to be attracted to the allure of what was happening within.

It was a gloomier day which called for rain, but in the end it never did. The musicians and other company, however, were perfectly content with raising spirits indoors.

The music seemed to generate a cyclical force to the space. A sound that captures the air around them like a revolving vortex. They produce sound waves that are nearly visible in the humidity’s wavering heat. Those who came in stayed to explore everything and everybody; a true sense of community bloomed inside the lounge. My job serving tea and treats merely felt like I was in charge of facilitating this community growth.

The band, a trio made up of two guitars and a bass guitar, have a unique approach to performing: anybody can join in. Once everybody was taken care of and enjoying their pots of tea, I pulled up a chair to take my turn. The thing that strummed my heart strings was the relaxed nature of being able to sit down and join in drumming with my djembe. Holding down the beat, and in a moment standing up as I buzzed around customers, piking into the tasteful conversations across the room.

Enter the saxophone weaving in classically influenced melodies.

Enter anybody with an instrument who can jam along. This group loves to see how their sound evolves with each additional element.

Enter friendly folk inviting complete strangers to their spot on the couch to discuss cultures surrounding tea while Lapsang drifts through the air, sparking a curiosity for those who smelled it, “why does this place smell like a campfire?” A neat arrangement of wooden interior design offers an Earthy sophistication that reflects the music quite suitably. It’s almost like a family playing acoustic songs around a campfire, but even more than that. They’re an established trio who bring warm company wherever they go.

Big smiles on the faces of each member as they play. When asked how he’s doing, you’ll hear Chris say “livin’ the dream.” It’s easy to see that they all are. A great set of three big beards makes you wonder if its a requirement to have one to be in the band.

It is the distinct feeling of a new summer tradition that makes this event particularly pleasing. Watching peoples’ eyes light up as they enjoy music and tea, thinking about which of their friends and family members they could share this experience with made the scene all the more inspiring. A warm resemblance of times past being restored in the present day.