A Spark in The Universe

A Spark in The Universe

Here we enter into a personal retreat to explore your imagination. Weird, wild, and nonsensical. The Universe Featuring Ray is a title so fitting because it describes the steps of strange that only she can take to fully project herself. Ray sparks a curiosity for everything around her. Who is she but a universe she seeks to discover?

I zone in to study what exactly makes Ray such a rare sight. Her hair is in dreads and loose, messy from being naturally kept and getting tossed around in a free dance. Hat made of rolls of fabric and skinned stuffed animals, with tied-in colorful thread. Although my heart melts to see this tragic end to the animals, at least they were bound together with a sort of love. Strings from a mosaic of fabrics falling off her body. Every bit of her adorned with every color of the rainbow; the attire of a raver witch.

A wild look in her eyes matches the setting of the woods. If only I could have been there, hunting for experience as she did. While running through the woods, she discovers everything that she had once created herself. Ray makes a home out of the middle of nowhere: an open space deep within the naturally arranged trees. Her reciprocity with the elements is distinct in how she lives around a fire: absorbing its energy and feeding it with her strangeness. It’s an instinct I strongly connect with.

Her bold voice holds nothing back. Each performance of hers sparks a sense of self-honesty that you feel like you should strive towards. I myself am influenced by this strength. While you watch her, you wonder. She’s a mystery. She’s confident in herself. It’s a sight you can’t look away from. She sings with an intensity that makes you feel whole and inspired; you belong to wherever your mind can carry you. Ray is a natural phenomenon that looks like she was always meant to do and be exactly who she is.

Ray's style is so out there, yet so comfortably familiar. Something of a hippy version of Avril Lavigne. Instead of skateboards, she went shooting off into space on a rocketship and came back with a strange little creature that fed her the secrets to the universe. She tells a story that I wouldn’t soon turn away from. From home I light a candle and imagine the flame was cast by her spark.