Episode 5- Iain Smith

Episode 5- Iain Smith

16 March:

Bzzzrrrkkkk-kchhrrttt! Incoming from radiowaves beyond! We've captured a stream of sound to pass on to the world, while it's still here. It seems like more transmissions will be making their way through, so stay tuned...

19 March:

CCHHRRKKTTTT-------Preparing the airwaves for this significant broadcast. I repeat, preparing the airwaves. There will be something loud. Something to rattle your eardrums. Something incomprehensible. Something true, as long as you can believe in it. --------

8 April:

BBRRRTTT-CHCHRUKRUKRUKQQQQQQQQQQQQ-----It's finally here! Everything nearly comprehensible has been collected. Strange sounds and all infect my speakers, as they will yours. Come gather and hear! Words about music, words about guitar, and words about authenticity... whatever that means!----------------